List of Zimbabwean legislation

Animal Health Act [Chapter 19:01] replacing the Pounds and Trespasses Act [Chapter 129]

Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act [Chapter 20:03]

Bills of Exchange Act [Chapter 14:05]

Civil Aviation Act [Chapter 13:11]

Class Actions Act [Chapter 8:17]

Companies Act [Chapter 24:03]

Competition Act [Chapter 14:28]

Constitution of Zimbabwe, 2013

Consumer Contracts Act [Chapter 8:03]

Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act [Chapter 26:05]

Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act [Chapter 9:07]

Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02]

Damages (Apportionment and Assessment) Act [Chapter 8:06]

Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27]

Factories and Works Act [Chapter 14:08]

Industrial Designs Act [Chapter 26:02]

Legal Age of Majority Act

Legal Practitioners Act [Chapter 27:07]

Magistrates Court Act [Chapter 7:10]

Miscellaneous Offences Act [Chapter 9:15]

National Social Security Authority Act [Chapter 17:04]

Patents Act [Chapter 26:03]

Police Act [Chapter 11:10]

Prescribed Rates of Interest Act [Chapter 8:10]

Prescription Act [Chapter 8:11]

Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Parliament Act [Chapter 2:08]

Public Health Act [Chapter 15:09]

RegionalTown and Country Planning Act [Chapter 29:12]

Reserve Bank Act [Chapter 22:15]

Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 13:15];

Road Traffic Act [Chapter 13:11]

Small Claims Court Act [Chapter 7:12]

State Liabilities Act [Chapter 8:14]

State Service (Disability Benefits) Act [Chapter 16:05]

State Service (Pensions) Act [Chapter 16:06].

Termination of Pregnancy Act [Chapter 15:10]

Trade Marks Act [Chapter 26:04]

War Victims Compensation Act [Chapter 11:06]

Water Act [Chapter 20:22]