This Guide provides a basic introduction to the Administrative Law of Zimbabwe. It gathers together all the important Zimbabwean cases on the various aspects of Administrative Law. It will be a useful reference work for both law students and legal practitioners.


There is presently no comprehensive textbook on Zimbabwean Administrative Law. However, in South Africa there are now numerous textbooks on this subject. These include: L.A. Rose Innes Judicial Review of Administrative Tribunals in South Africa (1963), L. Baxter Administrative Law (1984). (Hoexter produced an update to Baxter’s book in 1991 – Supplement to Baxter’s Administrative Law.); Cockram Administrative Law (1976); the section on Administrative Law by M. Wiechers in Vol. 1 of The Law of South Africa (1976); Wiechers Administrative Law (1985); Burns Workbook for Administrative Law (Butterworths 1999); Administrative Law and Justice in South Africa Devenish, Govender and Hulme (2001); Y Burns Administrative Law under the 1996 Constitution (2nd edition Butterworths 2003); de Ville Judicial Review of Administrative Law in South Africa (2003); C. Hoexter Administrative Law in South Africa (Juta 2007).


As English Administrative Law has also influenced Zimbabwean Administrative Law, the leading English texts on this subject are also useful reference works for Zimbabwean purposes.


This Guide is subdivided into two main segments. The first part deals with Administrative Law All the major legislation on Administrative Law such as the Administrative Justice Act and the Administrative Court Act is set out in full for reference purposes. The second part deals with Local Government Law.