University of Zimbabwe Student Law Review Journal Vol I

University of Zimbabwe Student Law Review Editorial Team

The overwhelming dimension of legal discourse in the present Zimbabwean concept demands an elaborate and thorough exposition of the various subjects. It is undeniably a fact that most of the publications on the law are confined to mere compilation or examination and elucidation of cases and statutes. As such, a crystallized analysis of the evolutionary aspects and the issues of contemporary law development remain more or less unexplained in the relevant Zimbabwean literature. Recently, the developments in the constitutional disposition of the country have become so pervasive and overwhelming that one can hardly deny the importance and necessity of proper exposition in social development and, especially, law and justice. The efforts of the Law Development Commission and the Legal Resources Foundation to further the ends of law development as a sine qua non of its determination to cater for peace and justice need to be commended. Yet it is imperative to give the young people of Zimbabwe the opportunity to advance thoughts on reform in the various areas of our law. The fundamental principle of saving mankind from the scourge of injustice and violence has been substantiated in recent times on equal footing with projecting the inalienable rights of mankind. The contribution of a number of luminaries and experts on the law have not only provided the foundation for the contents of the present issue of the University of Zimbabwe Students Journal – Law Review, but also hopefully opened a new vista of legal insight for the readers including students, teachers, lawyers, judges, scholars, human rights activists, social development planners, politicians, and governmental officials. It is our hope that this issue will prove a milestone towards law development both for the present generation and the posterity.

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01 October 2013